Covid-19 diagrams translated into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

With thanks to Dr Raquel Guimaraes and Hamsi Evans, the Covid-19 diagrams from Peter Evans and me featured in these two Oxfam blogs (blog 1 and blog 2) have been translated into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to make them as accessible as possible to Latin American audiences – governments, civil society, academics, the media and so on.

Please feel free to share, citing the blogs or this website, and then let me know if they’ve been useful (and how!).

Covid 3 curves - brazil portuguese
Covid-19 3 Curves – Brazilian Portuguese 
Covid 3 curves - spanish
Covid-19 3 Curves – Spanish
Covid 3 flows - spanish
Covid-19 3 Flows – Spanish
Covid 3 flows Brazilian Portuguese
Covid-19 3 Flows – Brazilian Portuguese

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 diagrams translated into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

  1. Dear Prof. Heather,

    I have been following your posts on the importance of Social Science and Politics on Covid-19. I have seen that there is a translation into Brazilian portuguese (good one).
    With your permission, I would like to share this with my PhD Students at my Faculty of Social Science and Arts at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo. The tool is useful for a kick-off.

    Best wishes
    Raul Chambote

    1. Hi Raul, hope you’re doing ok & sending warm thoughts to you in Maputo. Absolutely – please do share and let them know that they can share them too. If you have time, and only if you have time, I’d welcome hearing their thoughts about it. Warmest wishes, Heather

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