openDemocracy live discussion: After Lockdown – How do we fix Britain’s dirty money industry?

On 14th May I took part in a discussion on ‘After Lockdown: How do we fix Britain’s dirty money industry?‘, hosted by openDemocracy. I’m not sure we solved the problem, but it was an honour to join Oliver Bullough, Peter Geoghegan and Susan Hawley to to discuss.


From money laundering to arms smuggling to VAT fraud, big-time criminals use one tool above all others to hide their tracks: British corporate structures.

The UK’s respectable-looking register of companies distracts attention from a complete absence of checks on the people creating them. This makes the country an accessory to staggering volumes of financial crime.

What will it take to make this better?

Hear from:
Susan Hawley Director of Spotlight on Corruption, and one of the UK’s most respected anti-corruption voices.
Peter Geoghegan Investigations Editor at openDemocracyUK and author of ‘Democracy for Sale: Dark Money and Dirty Politics
Heather Marquette Professor of Development Politics, University of Birmingham, and a Fellow in the Institute for Global Innovation’s Twenty-First Century Transnational Organised Crime research cluster.
Chair: Oliver Bullough Journalist and the author of ‘Moneyland: Why Thieves and Crooks Now Rule the World and How to Take It Back

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